VHC Health's Women's Health Circle

Women's Health Circle (WHC) members partner with VHC Health through their personal support, community outreach and program involvement. WHC members focus specifically on promoting VHC Health's women’s health initiatives and services.

The Women’s Health Circle is led by an Advisory Board, which is composed of active and dedicated WHC members and steered by Co-Chairs.

Women’s Health Circle member, Dr. Terri Remy, and 2020 Advisory Board Co-Chair, Cynthia Miller


WHC Advisory Board Members, Dr. Eileen O’Grady, Bergitta Cotroneo, and Denise Hanna


Panelist Dr. Christina Tripodi Mitchell at a community forum focused on family mental wellness


WHC Advisory Board Member and 2019 Co-Chair, Nancy Perry


To join the Women’s Health Circle, an individual commits $5,000 or more, which can be paid over 5 years. Those making this level of commitment are invited to exclusive WHC and Foundation events. The funds raised through membership are directed towards a specific hospital priority voted on by WHC members.


Funding Priority

The dollars raised through membership are directed towards a specific Hospital priority voted on by WHC members.

In February 2021 the membership voted that WHC’s funds would be directed to the Pharmacy Assistance Program at VHC Pediatrics.

WHC Advisory Board

  • Marybeth Fraser, Co-Chair
  • Danine Fresch Gray, Co-Chair
  • Katy Banks
  • Deb Brennan
  • Bergitta Cotroneo
  • Tracy Donley
  • Janice Fitzgibbon
  • Denise Hanna
  • Amanda Henneberg
  • Diane Lewis
  • Cynthia Miller
  • Michelle Monnett
  • Katy Montgomery
  • Kathy Neal
  • Janet Nuzum
  • Susan Pascocello
  • Stefanie Shaw


“Having a group of active, empowered women advocating for the hospital in this exciting time of expansion and program growth is both incredibly valuable and needed.”

— 2019 WHC Co-Chairs

For information or to join the Women’s Health Circle, please contact the Foundation.